What kinds of challenges can you help me with?

  • latch and positioning, including baby-led, mother assisted
  • breast engorgement
  • sore and cracked nipples
  • painful breasts
  • how to avoid blocked ducts and mastitis
  • baby who does not latch on
  • tongue tie assessment
  • concern with baby’s weight gain
  • breastfeeding twins and multiples
  • supplemental nursing system (SNS) or lactation aid
  • how to know drinks vs. sucks and know when baby has enough
  • how to pump and store breast milk
  • managing overactive let-down or over-abundance of milk supply
  • adoption and induce lactation
  • re-lactation
  • shared breastfeeding
  • tandem breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding after any kind of breast surgeries
  • breastfeeding with implants
  • breastfeeding and medications
  • how and when to start solids
  • returning to work and breastfeeding

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